20 Favourites from 2020.

20 favourites from 2020. Reading-I read A LOT of books.Writing-poetry, random thoughts and my 4th book, 'Colour Me Coral'.Scented candles.Drinking water.Yoga.Organizing my personal space.Home decor.The #ENDSARS movement.Photographs of my Mother.(Sincere) kind words.Twitter.Zikoko.comRafia baskets.Music.Spray paint.Google.Oat pancakes.Amazon.Quiz shows (Tipping Point, Pointless, Impossible).Chapman drinks. Ivie M. Eke 2020.

Things I Love…My Books.

I recently received a draft Author copy of 'Colour Me Coral', my most recent book and I must tell you, it's an amazing feeling to hold a hardcopy of your book in your hands. When I started classicallyivy.com in 2015, I had no game plan. I had ideas and feelings that I wanted to express,... Continue Reading →

Writing a story: Colour Me Coral.

I had the idea for Colour Me Coral as far back as in 2016. I had this story in my head about a young Nigerian woman who wanted to make a change in her life but was aware that she might face resistance from those close to her. I couldn't get the idea past the... Continue Reading →

Some Writing Thoughts.

  My name, Ivie, literally means Coral 🙂but my book, Colour Me Coral is a fictional tale. When writing a story-especially from the first person perspective, I have to imagine the Protagonist's reaction to a situation. Sometimes it could be my own reaction.  Other times I just exaggerate things to make the situation more interesting... Continue Reading →

My New Book: Colour Me Coral!

I'm very happy to say that I've completed my fourth book, Colour Me Coral!     I talked about it on my Instagram page, and it is available to buy as an ebook on Okadabooks. It will be available in paperback on Amazon soon. I will share more posts about the book and the writing... Continue Reading →

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