10 more facts about me.

Never has there been a time when someone forwarded a 15- minute video to me on WhatsApp that I said 'Ooooooh yes I'm dying to watch that'.Not once have I gone into a Writer's DM or comments section to 'explain' their writing to them.I love scented candles.What happened at the U.S. Capitol building did not... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year.

For my first post of 2021, here's some (unsolicited) advice for Writers: You never know what readers of your work would respond to. One of my most viewed posts on my blog was one where I called on Writers to take ownership of their work. My most viewed post overall is a short story called... Continue Reading →

Poem: Relief.

Lust masqueraded as love. _____________________ I lost when I lost myself in your arms. _____________________ The love was like a sweater that was too tight: _____________________ comfortable for a while, but shed from my skin with relief. _____________________ Written by Ivie M. Eke 2019.

Poem: What If?

What if I had stayed, And allowed The misery to _____________________ Envelope me, Twist me, Manipulate me, _____________________ From my state Of content, Into a woman Hell-bent _____________________ On avoiding Society’s contempt, Of being exempt From marital bliss, For the price of A few kisses? _____________________ Staying would have Been like saying: _____________________ ‘Let me... Continue Reading →

Poem: A Heart’s Promise.

Promise to be more discerning. Promise to love more gently. Promise to forgive easily. _____________________ Promise, dear heart, To love like A good movie: _____________________ Build anticipation, Elicit smiles, _____________________ Trigger the desire for more, Over and over again. _____________________ Written by Ivie M. Eke 2019.

Poem: Press ‘Send’.

Angry typing, Heavy words. Acerbic emotions, Like sharpened swords. _____________________ Write the absolute truth, Then delete. Sugarcoat the truth: Make it bittersweet. _____________________ Time to press ‘send’; Your finger hovers. Sudden palpitations About losing your Lover. _____________________ You read and reread, You feel nothing but dread. But the words need to be said, So you... Continue Reading →

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