(A few of my) personal affirmations

I am an artist. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am unique. I am sensitive. I am sensible. I am different. I am creative. I am clever. I am intuitive. I am a quick thinker. I am a problem solver. I am God's precious child. I am funny. I am lovely. I am lovable.... Continue Reading →

7 Years of Classicallyivy

It's been 7 years since I started my blog, classicallyivy. I have written before now about how I went from writing short posts on Facebook in September 2015, which led to me creating classicallyivy in October of the same year. My blog was initially filled with essays about my life experiences. As time progressed, I... Continue Reading →

I love books by…Sue Moorcroft.

'Want to know a secret?' by Sue Moorcroft. Diane is notified by the police that her Husband has been in a helicopter crash. At first, she is certain that they must be mistaken (they are a lower-middle class family with no helicopters at their disposal). However, she soon discovers that it is indeed true…and from... Continue Reading →

I Love Books: ‘The Love Shack’ by Jane Costello.

I Love Books…'The Love Shack' by Jane Costello. Dan and Gemma want to buy their dream home, and they have decided to move in with Dan's Mother for a few months in order to save money to finalize the purchase. During this period, Dan's issues with his Father resurface, Gemma's Ex-boyfriend wants to reconcile with... Continue Reading →

Short Story: I See You.

The program was yet to commence. I was early. I sat at the back near the entrance of the Church. At the far end of my pew sat a good-looking young couple, dressed in matching navy blue Ankara outfits. The lady looked at me with a narrowed gaze, and rested her limp arm around her... Continue Reading →

Classicallyivy is 6!

In the 6 years since I started classicallyivy, this is the year that I have shared my writing online the least. I do still feel the compulsion to write all the time, but I have been selective (okay-much more selective) with what I share online. Aside from writing about grief, I have written about love,... Continue Reading →

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