A breakup feels like a tragedy. Your well-functioning body Suddenly Goes downhill. Headaches and chills So much discomfort within. Your head feels heavy Your outlook, grim. You want to sleep But Discomfort wins. Cold and heat Sock-covered feet. Sweat drips from Your face You alternate Between Delirium And lucidity.* Written by Ivie M. Eke 2022.

Dark Night.

  It was dark that night. I thought you might Want to have me In your sights. _____________________ But you decided (again) To have a 'slight change of plans', and We had a fight. I took flight. _____________________ Despite your weak entreaties, I took delight In the solitude of one, once again denied. _____________________ It... Continue Reading →

Poem: Run.

Run away from me. Run, towards the tragedy Of life all by yourself, Denying yourself Of quality companionship, Of a grown-up relationship. _____________________ There, You've reached your destination: The nation Of desolation And dissatisfaction. You begin to call me, My phone rings... _____________________ I watch as the call ends, As I choose to ignore You... Continue Reading →

Poem: Relief.

Lust masqueraded as love. _____________________ I lost when I lost myself in your arms. _____________________ The love was like a sweater that was too tight: _____________________ comfortable for a while, but shed from my skin with relief. _____________________ Written by Ivie M. Eke 2019.

Poem: What If?

What if I had stayed, And allowed The misery to _____________________ Envelope me, Twist me, Manipulate me, _____________________ From my state Of content, Into a woman Hell-bent _____________________ On avoiding Society’s contempt, Of being exempt From marital bliss, For the price of A few kisses? _____________________ Staying would have Been like saying: _____________________ ‘Let me... Continue Reading →

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