#Repost Series: 5 Lessons I Learned From My Secondary School Days.

I attended secondary school in Lagos, Nigeria in the 1990s. I have chosen to have very selective memories about my time there, so I dwell more on the memories of shared laughter and on the friends I made who I am still in touch with presently. I will not dwell on the cutting of grass,... Continue Reading →

Random Fact No. 4: Organizing 👍🏾 Ironing 👎🏾

  Random Fact No. 4: Organizing 👍🏾 Ironing 👎🏾 I'll do pretty much any household chore within minutes, and I really enjoy organizing things to look aesthetically pleasing. However, I find ironing to be the most boring task which I do very very slowly. P.S When I was in secondary school (JSS2 to be precise),... Continue Reading →

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