You Love Me.

You know you love me- Yes you do! I see in your eyes, The struggle within you. Sometimes my moods are black, But my love for you is true. Please, stop sulking, And give me a kiss or two. Let's celebrate our love, With some plantains and stew. Written by ©Ivie M. Eke 2017

What Love Did To Me. 

I melted. I giggled. I floated. I gave thanks. Look at what love did to me. I cowered. I cringed. I folded. I crumpled. Look at what love did to me. I stretched myself.  I contorted myself. I flattened myself. I changed myself. Look at what love did to me. I cried loud tears. I... Continue Reading →

Nail Polish.

Do you paint her nails, Like you used to paint mine? Tell me, I want to know. Are you straightforward with her, As clear as a top coat? Or are you vague and opaque Like a deep hue from Sally Henson? Are you fluid with your emotions with her, Like a brand new nail polish?... Continue Reading →

It Was Just A Crush.

  In retrospect, The jokes weren't even that funny, In fact, now that I think about them, They were really just so corny.   Every utterance, Every word that was spoken, Seemed filled with light, Able to heal what had been broken.   The slightest touch, Seemed to awaken my senses, And made me long... Continue Reading →

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