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How Can I Move?

How can I move

How can I breathe

When he takes my heart with him

Every time he leaves?


I feel it in my lungs,

My mind turns to mush,

The feeling of dejection comes at me,

In a very big rush.


I will endure,

So that when he returns,

I will take my heart from him,

Step out of the door and run.


He will try to give chase

Waving empty promises,

But I will find love elsewhere,

I will be someone else’s Mrs.


Written By

©Ivie M. Eke 2016


P.S. I sent the first verse of this poem to stylist.co.uk as an entry for last year’s #postapoem week and they were kind enough to feature it as one of their entries! You can view it here.

Nail Polish.

Do you paint her nails,

Like you used to paint mine?

Tell me,

I want to know.

Are you straightforward with her,

As clear as a top coat?

Or are you vague and opaque

Like a deep hue from Sally Henson?

Are you fluid with your emotions with her,

Like a brand new nail polish?

Or are you tedious, brittle and dry,

Like a nail polish that wasn’t properly closed?

Are you just one colour with her,

An easygoing shade of beige?

Or do you radiate shades of black and blue,

Like you did with me?

Do you treat her with care,

Like freshly painted nails?

Or do you treat her with the afterthought of week-old polish,

The way you treated me?

Tell me,

I want to know.

Written by

©Ivie M. Eke 2017 

It Was Just A Crush.


In retrospect,

The jokes weren’t even that funny,

In fact, now that I think about them,

They were really just so corny.


Every utterance,

Every word that was spoken,

Seemed filled with light,

Able to heal what had been broken.


The slightest touch,

Seemed to awaken my senses,

And made me long for

The most wonderful circumstances.


An innocent glance,

Set my heartbeat in motion,

Making me wonder when it happened;

When did I sip from the love potion?


In the end,

It was all but a dream,

The feelings faded away,

And my heart sang a calming hymn.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016



Pouring Like A Fountain.

I feel like I am bursting with creativity; it pours out of me like a fountain,

I feel like I can achieve anything, and climb any mountain,

I feel like I am full of so much joy, much more than you can imagine.

I feel like running around the house, and opening up all the curtains,

I feel like making everyone happy, I really want to entertain,

I feel like cooking delicious meals, with beans, rice or plantains,

I feel like I have been washed clean of the past, from all of its scars and blood stains,

I feel like I am navigating in the right direction; of my life, I am the captain,

I feel like if I keep doing my best, success will no longer be uncertain.

Written By

©Ivie M. Eke 2016.


3 Reasons Why Buying My Ebook Will Make You Happy.

Hey, everyone!

I am currently working on making my ebook, ‘Looking for myself and my phone charger’ available on more than one platform.

During this process, I’ve realized that I need to let you all in on what buying the ebook would mean to you, instead of just shouting ‘buy my book!’ ‘buy my book!’
Here are 3 ways that buying my ebook will make you happy:

1. Reading poetry has great mental health benefits.

Just as there are benefits associated with writing poetry, studies have shown that reading poetry has intellectual, emotional and empathetic benefits for readers.

I can assure you that my poetry collection is one you would reach for repeatedly and that you would relate to several of the situations described in the poems.

2. You would be validating a writer’s creativity.

Being creative, I have discovered, is a very solitary experience. For me to write, I often have to retreat deep into my mind or wake up in the middle of the night when a sudden burst of inspiration hits me on my head.

However, writing is also a communal pursuit. I may call myself a writer, but having others acknowledge my writing efforts is such a wonderful thing!

3. You would encourage more acts of bravery.

My writing journey has had a steady progression from writing posts on Facebook to setting up this blog to sharing my blog posts on social media. The decision to make a poetry collection which would be available for sale was a daunting one that I wrestled with for weeks.

In the end, I took a deep breath and went through the self-publishing process, and I am glad that I did!

Buying my ebook would encourage me to be braver and bolder in pursuing my writing goals.
I hope these reasons encourage you to buy my Ebook! It is currently available on Okada books and you can buy it here. I will update this page when it is available on other reading platforms.


Please share this post with your friends and followers on social media. Thanks  for reading.

Classically Ivy.

Update: I’ve just realized that after a prolonged waiting period, my ebook is now available on Amazon! You can buy it here!