Poem: Back.

Way back, When you were the Spring in my step,   And our love seemed to have such depth,   I was full, A fool who thought that I would never lack, Even all of the times that you attacked,   My mind and my mannerisms, My aura and everthing that seemed,   To make... Continue Reading →


I have dreamt of you: That I clawed at your face, Whilst you begged for mercy. I delighted in it, The thought that I could hurt you, Just as you hurt me. I licked my lips, The vengeance I would have gotten Seemed so tasty. I shook my head, The resentful woman in the mirror... Continue Reading →

What Love Did To Me. 

I melted. I giggled. I floated. I gave thanks. Look at what love did to me. I cowered. I cringed. I folded. I crumpled. Look at what love did to me. I stretched myself.  I contorted myself. I flattened myself. I changed myself. Look at what love did to me. I cried loud tears. I... Continue Reading →

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