The weightless feeling you get in your chest, like you're floating high in the sky, The thought that you can do anything and everything, and maybe even fly. The sheepish smile that occupies your face, like a cat that got the cream, The spring in your step, the joy in your heart, whenever you think... Continue Reading →

If Alcohol Tasted Like Mangoes, I Would Be An Alcoholic.

I am an introvert who once in a while, decides to leave the house to spend quality time with friends; sometimes under duress, other times of my own free will. I am often the resident ‘goody two-shoes’ when I’m with them. I must say that this title is not one I would give to myself.... Continue Reading →

Efficiency And Witchcraft.

I recently needed information about the process for protecting literary work in Nigeria. I looked up the information on the Nigerian Copyright Commission's website. The information was clear. The process itself was straightforward. I didn't know what to do with myself. When your default setting is to 'expect rubbish', efficiency catches you unawares. It's refreshing.... Continue Reading →

So Much More.

  I am so much more than a pretty face. So much more than a smile that appears once in a while. So much more than my intense demeanor. So much more than the occasional frown. So much more than my mood swings. So much more than a temper which flares up and simmers down... Continue Reading →

How I miss you, 90’s RnB music…

Thinking about you fills me with nostalgia... I was a teenager in the 90s-what a wonderful time for music! The wonderful rhythms, harmonies and melodies... The joy of singing along to age-inappropriate lyrics; *Boyz 2 Men's 'I'll make love to you', *AZ Yet's 'Last Night', *Color Me Badd's 'I wanna sex you up', *LL Cool... Continue Reading →

Maybe, Just Maybe.

Maybe, just maybe, Today is the day. The day that I will be confident and no one will get in my way… The day that I will articulate clearly everything I want to say… The day that I will fulfill all my goals without the slightest delay… The day that I will hold up my... Continue Reading →

2015: The Year Of The Tooth (Extractions).

I have had the great misfortune of having two teeth removed within the space of six months in 2015. One tooth was removed because it was almost completely covered by my gum and was causing a lot of pain. The second one was removed because it had a bad cavity, which also caused pain. In... Continue Reading →

Darkness Is Normal.

Organized societies: 'Oh my gawwwddd, there's been a power cut!' *panic* *screams* Naija: 'NEPA has taken the light' *shrug* *yawn* I'm vaguely concerned about how unaffected and desensitized I am to power cuts/power failures/stolen 'light'. I just shrug, switch off appliances and go outside to turn on the generator. I have even perfected the art... Continue Reading →

My Ideal Day Off.

I have experienced unemployment, and I can say that it sucks-big time. Getting a job where I am paid to do stuff is always something that signifies progress and happiness for me. However, like any other adult who has a job, I look forward to having time away from work, or better still, paid vacation... Continue Reading →

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