Why Did I Start Writing?

  Hey, Everyone!   I recently thought about the pressures we sometimes put on ourselves as writers to meet up with imagined expectations.   Aside from heralding the countdown to the Christmas holidays, November is known in writing circles as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) or National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). Aside from the cumbersome... Continue Reading →

Blogging Every Day In November-Lessons Learned.

1. I was worried that I would fail the challenge-what could I possibly find to blog about for thirty consecutive days? It turns out-a whole lot! There were days that I wrote several essays and poems, and had to restrain myself from posting all of them at once. Life happens, and I was able to... Continue Reading →

Allergies Everywhere!

I'm allergic to dust, please sweep gently and with caution. I'm allergic to stuffy environments, please open a window. I'm allergic to to windy environments, please close the window. I'm allergic to to cheap perfumes, please go and stand by that corner. I'm allergic to cheap food; 5 star dining only, please. I'm allergic to... Continue Reading →

No Sister Here.

I've wondered about having a sister, Someone to always have near. I'm sure that she would have been wonderful, I probably would have really loved her. Maybe a lovely big sister, Who would always look out for me. Someone who I could borrow clothes from, Like a shopping mall, but free. Maybe a pretty little... Continue Reading →

They Must Be In A Secret Cult.

I have given this a lot of thought. It would be a good justification for their actions. The world would have meaning again. Majority of service providers in Nigeria must be in a secret cult. To prove their worthiness and loyalty, they must apparently do the following: 1. They must provide extremely poor services to... Continue Reading →

Hips Like Shakira.

If I could move my hips like Shakira, mundane tasks would be dance-worthy, like shopping or even drinking water. If I had a voice like BeyoncĂ© Knowles, I would sing at the top of my voice, and winning a Grammy would be one of my goals. If I had a strut like Naomi Campbell, I... Continue Reading →

Apps for your cramps.

  I've been told that if any woman truly remembered the pain she went through while giving birth to her first child, she would wait calmly for her husband to 'approach' her again, and then point a gun at him. 'Baby 1 will be our only child' or 'We are adopting the next one; please... Continue Reading →

Destination: Stress.

The loud drone of generators-there's been yet another power failure. Thank you NEPA, we can always count on you, for darkness and stress in equal measure.   The long queues at Petrol Stations, there's yet another round of fuel scarcity. Who do we blame, the petroleum marketers, or our good old NNPC?   The poor... Continue Reading →


When love goes wrong... It consumes you. It overwhelms you. It shrinks you. It devours you. When love goes wrong, oh my, what a sight. There is cruelty and misery where there was once delight. When love goes wrong, it's like a guest who refuses to leave, Who mocks you and belittles you, and won't... Continue Reading →

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