Making plans.

I am a big fan Of making concrete plans. _____________________ Nothing must be left to chance, So life doesn't get out of hand. _____________________ But like one on a fools errand, I ran around Aimlessly, hopelessly disarmed By your charm. _____________________ I tried to bury my head In the sand, _____________________ But my heart conspired... Continue Reading →


Say what you mean, Don't speak from The side of your mouth. _____________________ Look me in the eye During conversations, Don't look North or South. _____________________ Walk straight towards me, Rather than Zig-zagging, Dodging responsibilities And imaginary bullets. _____________________ Hold me close With both hands, Try your best not to Stab me in the back.... Continue Reading →


  He says he wants to worship at my feet. _____________________ I say I am a mere mortal, the sum of life's victories and defeats. _____________________ He says that my forehead radiates the sun; that there no one who has enchanted him so sweetly and completely. _____________________ The casual garments that I put on are... Continue Reading →


I lay my head On your chest, Listening to your heartbeat. _____________________ The high that you give me Is no small feat. _____________________ I stop mid-step To stare at blank walls, _____________________ Your love paints pictures Wherever my eyes fall. _____________________ It's crazy, but magnificent, This love could only be Heaven-sent. _____________________ Like a week... Continue Reading →

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