Did you see me?

When I was in love-Did you see me? I wasFire burningWind blowingHoney melting. I met himand I fell,and thenI flew. Like constant electricityin Nigeria,I provoked shockand hysteria. When I loved,I lived for his smile:it was sublime. My mindwas a river;it flowedandflourished. For I was hisin that momentin time, andhe was mine. Ivie M. Eke 2022.

Lessons Learned: Relationship Edition (2)

Ignore those who try to make you feel bad because you are yet to be married. If you succumb to pressure and make a poor choice in a partner, you would have to deal with the consequences and those people would be nowhere to be found.Feeling lonely whilst in a relationship is the worst.Exercise wisdom;... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned: Relationship Edition (1):

Trust your instincts. If it doesn't feel quite right, run away.Effort in a relationship should be reciprocal.You are probably just being gaslighted. You are not 'crazy'.Actions speak louder than words. A clichè? Yes. The truth? Also yes.I choose being single over being in a relationship with a guy who won't even do the bare minimum.... Continue Reading →


A breakup feels like a tragedy. Your well-functioning body Suddenly Goes downhill. Headaches and chills So much discomfort within. Your head feels heavy Your outlook, grim. You want to sleep But Discomfort wins. Cold and heat Sock-covered feet. Sweat drips from Your face You alternate Between Delirium And lucidity.* Written by Ivie M. Eke 2022.

I don’t think so.

I would have walked a mileFor your smile. I confused lustFor sacred trust. Do I think about you?Almost never… Unless I suddenly feelThe urge to remember- The surrender to defeat,The thunder and the heat, The joy that was fleeting,The words full of nothing. There's nothing newsworthyIn those memories Like a houseWith floors made of hot... Continue Reading →

Short Story: I See You.

The program was yet to commence. I was early. I sat at the back near the entrance of the Church. At the far end of my pew sat a good-looking young couple, dressed in matching navy blue Ankara outfits. The lady looked at me with a narrowed gaze, and rested her limp arm around her... Continue Reading →


  He was standing there; He'd been right here all along. _____________________ He was intellectually and physically strong. _____________________ There was always humour and kindness in his words. _____________________ He always had my back: He'd never stab with metaphorical swords. _____________________ His words are His bond, _____________________ I'm bound by his love. _____________________ His smile... Continue Reading →

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