I will read it.

Books give me life;Like medicine on paper. I discover them daily-an introverted thrill-seeker. Contemporary fiction,Words with sweet diction. Nigerian booksGrip on to my heart, If Adichie's the Author,It's a 5 star before I start. Reading heals me,Like a river,Words flow towards me. I'll find books wherever I go:If a book is hidden,I'll unearth it, just... Continue Reading →


Trying to be a trailblazerwith an introverted character, Can feel like setting fireto a large body of water. You have hunger for successand things that aren't mediocre, But you hate being the centreof unwarranted attention,or being put on a pedestal. Your heart fights battles-your own mini-theatre, You want your name to live forever,But the consequencesMake... Continue Reading →


I expected so much, And received so little; Nettle in place of roses, Brittle kisses, My peace was in pieces. I rose from the slumber Of one under A love spell, Of which blunders Shook my heart to its core, Like sudden thunder. You moved close for an embrace; I shuddered. It's over, It's over.... Continue Reading →

Did you see me?

When I was in love-Did you see me? I wasFire burningWind blowingHoney melting. I met himand I fell,and thenI flew. Like constant electricityin Nigeria,I provoked shockand hysteria. When I loved,I lived for his smile:it was sublime. My mindwas a river;it flowedandflourished. For I was hisin that momentin time, andhe was mine. Ivie M. Eke 2022.


A breakup feels like a tragedy. Your well-functioning body Suddenly Goes downhill. Headaches and chills So much discomfort within. Your head feels heavy Your outlook, grim. You want to sleep But Discomfort wins. Cold and heat Sock-covered feet. Sweat drips from Your face You alternate Between Delirium And lucidity.* Written by Ivie M. Eke 2022.

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