Two Poems About My Love For Books.

Hello everyone,

Please see the two poems below which I read at the Book Swap Event in Abuja this week. I hope you enjoy them!

a journey of a lifetime

A Journey Of A Lifetime

Give me a book,

So that I can see the world.

I want to go on a journey,

Without leaving my home.

Let each page I turn surprise me.

I want to know what people are thinking about.

I want to feel a wave of emotions

With each completed paragraph.

Let the words make my heart soar with joy, or beat faster with trepidation, or beat slowly with sadness,

I want to explore the world,

I want relatable stories or implausible scenarios,

Give me life,

Give me a book,

And I will be a forever traveler,

On a journey

Which I would never want to come to an end.

Give me joy.

Give me a book.

fun. wehearit


My Book, My Best Friend.

There might be no electricity to light up my TV screen,
But a book,
A book would always light up my imagination.


The walk to school might be long, and the path full of stones,
But a book,
A book would always clear my mind and inspire me.


There might be a shortage of water, and I would have to take my bucket to the communal tap,
But a book,
A book would always quench my thirst for adventure and escapades.


There might be friends, who tease me and even say unkind things to me,
But a book,
A book would always comfort me and put a smile on my face.


There might be times when living in my country would make me feel sad and dampen my spirits,
But a book,
A book would always lift up my heart and make me hopeful for the future.


Both poems written by
©Ivie M. Eke 2016.

A Poetry Reading To Remember!


My first poetry reading-yay!

I’m very happy to say that I had my first poetry reading yesterday, and it was wonderful.

This took place at the Lyght Investments Group book swap event here in Abuja. Lyght Investments decided that as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, they would equip schools in Abuja’s rural communities with books for their libraries to encourage children to do more reading. I think it’s a wonderful initiative and I was very happy to be part of the event.

The organizers of the event were very kind and supportive to me. It was great reading my poems for an audience, and answering their questions afterwards gave me more insight about my own writing process.

I will put up the poems which I read at the event on Saturday. For now, please enjoy looking at some photos from the event.

Thanks for reading!