Recent book purchases

My recent purchases from @spine_and_label bookstore in Abuja:

  1. ‘Chike and the River’, by Chinua Achebe. I bought this for the nostalgia; I read it in Primary school, and I know that I enjoyed it back then. I also believe that this was the first book to make me have anxiety, because I was so worried about whether or not Chike would achieve his dream. Reading it now, the ending feels a bit rushed, but I was definitely entertained.
  2. ‘No Angel’ and ‘The Decision’ by Penny Vincenzi. Penny Vincenzi’s writing and storytelling style reminds me of Jeffrey Archer’s writing style; telling tales from multiple characters’ points of view, through monumental life events (such as World Wars), and across generations. As a Writer, this is a skill that I admire greatly. Her books are very long though-both of the ones mentioned are almost 900 pages long. You just know that you’re in for a long but interesting journey when you pick up any of her books.

I hope the week has been great so far.

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Ivie M. Eke 2023.


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