I will read it.

Books give me life;
Like medicine on paper.

I discover them daily-
an introverted thrill-seeker.

Contemporary fiction,
Words with sweet diction.

Nigerian books
Grip on to my heart,

If Adichie’s the Author,
It’s a 5 star before I start.

Reading heals me,
Like a river,
Words flow towards me.

I’ll find books wherever I go:
If a book is hidden,
I’ll unearth it, just so you know.

When I sight them,
My heart rate quickens.
I’ll also read the classics,
by Austen and Dickens.

When I meet those who don’t read,
I am mystified;
Don’t you want to be transported
To places your mind cant find?

I’ll read Newspapers,
blog posts, and
business journals,

My thirst for books is eternal,
their absence makes me feel feral.

I love books
I love to read,
They soothe me-
they are like therapy.

I read the books I’ve written,
I write the books you will read.

Let’s take these books with us,
As we wish others

Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2023.


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