7 Years of Classicallyivy

It’s been 7 years since I started my blog, classicallyivy.

I have written before now about how I went from writing short posts on Facebook in September 2015, which led to me creating classicallyivy in October of the same year.

My blog was initially filled with essays about my life experiences. As time progressed, I started sharing poetry, and then short stories. Then I thought, ‘Could I try writing a book?’

4 books and a lot of short stories later (I had written about 20 of them when last I counted; I’ll have to do a recount), I am grateful to everyone who has read my work, and who also went the extra mile to buy my books.

Classicallyivy has allowed me to write what I would like to read; from stories like ‘The first date’ which is an emotional rollacoster that still manages to have a ‘happily ever after’ ending, to stories like ‘Airport’ and ‘Inter-house sports day’ which are funny but have ‘plot twist’ endings, to ‘Kama Sutra’, the silliest story I have ever written, which somehow holds the record of being the most viewed post on my blog.

I believe anyone who wants to have a small glimpse into how my mind works should read my work. Even though the rate at which I share my work isn’t like it was when I started classicallyivy, I find comfort in the fact that at anytime of any day, when I am ready to share, classicallyivy would be there waiting for me.

Here’s hoping that my future is even brighter and filled with more writing.


Ivie M. Eke
October 2022

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