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Hey Everyone! 3 of my books are included in the Okadabooks Mid-Year Sale It's a great way of getting my books in ecopy at highly discounted rates. If you prefer to read books in hardcopy, you can check out my Amazon Author page for my books. Please have a look at the 'Books I've written'... Continue Reading →

Notes for the Nigerian seeking postgraduate studies in the U.K

Notes for the Nigerian seeking postgraduate studies in the U.K (based on my experience): Be humble and receptive to gaining new knowledge.You are a graduate seeking an advanced degree; higher expectations will be required of you regarding your ability to absorb and interprete new information.Be prepared to read more broadly than you've ever done in... Continue Reading →

Things I enjoy as a solo traveller.

I recently took a break from Nigeria and went on vacation to London. It was the first time I had travelled out of Nigeria since 2019-before COVID-19. Here are a few things I enjoy as a solo traveller: The joy of doing nothing.Being able to start your day at your own convenience. Do I want... Continue Reading →

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