Be Considerate.

Reading about Vanessa Bryant’s testimony about getting ‘RIP Kobe’ notifications on her phone before it had been confirmed officially to her that her Husband and Daughter had died in a helicopter crash saddens me, as well as the fact that Police officials took photos of their dead bodies with their phones to show to people.

Why are people so…joyful and eager about sharing the grief of others?

I have written already about how my Brothers and I were still processing the initial grief our Mother’s death and were not ready to share anything online but were forced to do so because people had started to share her photo online with ‘RIP’ attached.

Also, an acquaintance of my Mum’s whom I had never spoken to on the phone before then called me a day or two after it happened. She called me on WhatsApp and had set my Mother’s photo as her profile photo. So for a second, it was like my Mum was calling me. I almost dropped my phone from the shock.

You might be sad about the death of a person, but give consideration to the immediate family of the deceased.

It’s not about you.

Ivie M. Eke 2021.

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