Classicallyivy is 6!

In the 6 years since I started classicallyivy, this is the year that I have shared my writing online the least.

I do still feel the compulsion to write all the time, but I have been selective (okay-much more selective) with what I share online.

Aside from writing about grief, I have written about love, practising gratitude, what my vision of living a happy life would look like and other things without the need to make the writing polished and social media friendly.

I have also had concerns about my work being plagiarized when shared online (it has happened before), but this won’t stop me from being a creative person.

I believe that writing to share online is a very intentional activity. Depending on what your ultimate goals are, you can share as much or as little as you want to do online.

However, I still do enjoy sharing details of the books I have enjoyed reading recently, the knitting/crochet projects that I’m working on and other random thoughts that pop into my head.

I am very proud of and thankful for 6 years of classicallyivy, and I am grateful to you all for your constant encouragement.

Thank you.

Ivie M. Eke 2021

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