Osa’s Tribute.

Tribute to my Mum shared at her Wake-keep/Service of songs in June 2020).


There are certain things which come to mind when I think about my Mother: Safety, Humour, Kindness, Intelligence, Beauty, Glamour, The fear of God, Love.

My Mother was like a twinkling star in a dark sky; she always shone brightly wherever she went.

As a Mother, she was very joyful but determined in her approach to raising her children. She would read us stories at bedtime but would not hesitate to discipline us when we misbehaved. Alongside her motherly duties, she was a woman who enjoyed her beauty and was very stylish and intentional in the way that she dressed.

As a Daughter/Sister/Aunt/Cousin, she was very loving, selfless and straightforward in the manner in which she related with her family.

As a friend, she was a great listener, who made people feel special, who would easily forgive shortcomings and who was always a unifying force, bringing people together.

As a Lawyer/colleague, she was highly professional, performing her duties to the best standards and was respectful in her dealings with her co-workers. She always stood up for herself and  encouraged others who sought her guidance

As a human being, she was God-fearing, good-natured, fun-loving and a very pleasant person to spend time with.

If you had Osabuohien in your corner, then you were in the right corner.

She will be missed greatly.

I love you, Mum.

Your Daughter,


Ivie M. Eke
June 2020.

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