3 Things (3).

1.Before now, it was the case that once there’s a power cut in my area (#Nigeria), generators would be switched on instantly and their melodic sounds would assault those far and near. Now…there is almost always absolute silence. We’re just chilling in the darkness, being fed up.
2021 🤝🏾 constant power failure in Nigeria.

2. I’ve stopped watching true crime videos on YouTube because I’ve suddenly realized that I’m not a Detective in a TV series 👩🏾‍✈️Seriously though, I feel I was just getting numb to the horrific things we humans do to each other.

3. I still think about the Egg-fried rice with Beef in black bean sauce that I used to buy from a Chinese takeaway restaurant on my way home from the last place I worked in Coventry.

I hope you have a great week ×××


Ivie M. Eke 2021

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