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Instagram Reels. I randomly decided to try my hand at creating book-themed Instagram reels. I'm enjoying matching the music to whatever book theme I have in mind. I'm still learning but so far, so good.I attended 2 social gatherings this month-a World Record! Just call me a party animal now 😎 (though as I type... Continue Reading →

3 Things (4).

If your audience uses your lectures/sermons/presentations/speeches as an opportunity to 'rest their eyes', you might need to work on your presentation skills.I think about 'Luther', Seasons 1-3 a lot. Lots of drama (and Idris Elba).I look forward to Sunday afternoons/evenings when some music channels on DSTV dedicate 30 minutes/an hour to 'oldies'. My music heart... Continue Reading →

3 Things (3).

1.Before now, it was the case that once there's a power cut in my area (#Nigeria), generators would be switched on instantly and their melodic sounds would assault those far and near. Now…there is almost always absolute silence. We're just chilling in the darkness, being fed up. 2021 🤝🏾 constant power failure in Nigeria. 2. I've... Continue Reading →

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