3 Things (2)

  1. Twitter is still banned in Nigeria. Shame.
  2. I’m a big believer in keeping things simple when it comes to blog/website design and usability. For a long while now, WordPress ‘upgraded’ its process, and now trying to upload blog posts from my mobile device is a hassle. Photos take ages to upload, and the copy+paste function is now a nightmare to use. Nobody asked for this.
  3. Three YouTube channels I would recommend:

I. Writing with Jenna Moreci. She’s funny, swears a lot (don’t watch if you’re a sensitive flower) and talks about writing issues you won’t find in any book.

II. Hobby Lobby-knitting for beginners. This is the video I watched where I learned the basics of knitting. It took several attempts, but I grasped it in the end.

III. Bella Coco-Crochet for absolute beginners. The first set of yarn I ever bought came with crochet hooks, and I was like ‘what am I supposed to do with these???’ Fast forward to last week when I finally decided to attempt crocheting. I watched this video several times and now I know the basics.

I hope your week is going well.

Ivie M. Eke 2021.

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