World Book Day.

Today is World Book Day 😍📚 If we’re being totally honest…everyday is World Book Day for me 😏

I read every single day, just because I enjoy doing so. I think about what book to read next whilst reading the current one.

My books are currently in different fluid categories:

  1. What I’m currently reading.
  2. My to-read-next pile.
  3. Have read only once, and want to read again.
  4. Have read only once and will not read again but the cover is beautiful so I’ll just keep it for decorative purposes.
  5. Fiction.
  6. Non-fiction: books about Art, home decor ideas, historical figures, fashion/personal style, random information/general knowledge.
  7. Poetry.
  8. Nigerian Authors.
  9. Biographies.

Books are beautiful things, and I love them.

Ivie M. Eke 2021.

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