Do’s and don’ts of writing love poems.

Valentine’s day is next weekend, and I know some of you would want to write sweet words to your loved ones.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you as you write your love poems:

Do’s and don’ts of writing love poems.

  1. Do: read existing poetry for inspiration and to build your writing confidence.
  2. Don’t plagiarize. No one wants to kiss a Thief.
  3. Do: keep things simple. Make your poem easy for your loved one to read.
  4. Don’t include names, especially if you fall in love frequently. Your safety might not be guarateed if you were to send your Lover a poem with another person’s name in it.
  5. Do: choose a writing style that you are comfortable with: rhyming or free-flowing verses, short or long poems.
  6. Don’t make it weird. Unless you’re a Stalker or Vampire, don’t say you want to watch them sleep or drink their blood. No.

Happy writing!

Ivie M. Eke
5th of February 2021.

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