Happy New Year.

For my first post of 2021, here’s some (unsolicited) advice for Writers:

  1. You never know what readers of your work would respond to. One of my most viewed posts on my blog was one where I called on Writers to take ownership of their work. My most viewed post overall is a short story called ‘Kama Sutra’ that I shared in 2016. It was very short and more like a joke to myself and I’m still amazed by the views it still gets.
  2. Consistency is great, but taking breaks is also necessary.

3.  Creativity is both spontaneous and intentional. Master this fact and you’ll be on your way to writing greatness.

  1. Learning is constant. I learn about writing everyday. I learn by writing notes to myself, listening to music, reading both fiction and non-fiction, watching the news, watching Crime dramas, watching comedy shows, remembering how my Mother expressed herself, looking at Art, observing interactions between co-workers, family, strangers. To be a great Writer, you need to pay attention to the things happening around you.
  2. Writing is to entertain others, but it should also fulfil you, the Writer. Writing should make you happy. It’s a very basic thought, but an important one.

Happy New Year 💕

Written by
Ivie M. Eke 2021.

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