Writing Fiction: Friends, Family, Foes.

  1. For God’s sake, give your character’s fake names (I have a notebook where I’ve made a list of names of characters for future stories).

2. If/when referring to real-life situations, be creative: if a situation happened to a lady you know, write the fictional version from a man’s perspective if possible.

3. Even if you have already written about them in your stories, tell your family and friends that you have never written about them. Beat your chest and swear to a random deity that it has never happened.

4. Write about your enemies, and then kill them off.

5. The best short stories that I have written have had unexpected endings. Try to come up with 2 or 3 versions and pick the best/craziest/weirdest ones. Also keep your phone beside you after you share it; your family and friends will call to ask if you are okay.

Bonus tip: Using a story map (Google it!) will serve as a guide to give structure to your story.

Written by
Ivie M. Eke
5th of September 2020.

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