Writing A Story: My Current Process.



Once in a while, I like to give some insight on what my writing journey looks like.

Let me tell you my current story-writing process:

1. Come up with a general idea for a story by digging deep into my brain with a flashlight and staring into space. This could take a day or two.

2. Come up with the end of the story. Sometimes, this step comes first.

3. Write a story map showing the different stages necessary to connect the initial idea to the end of the story.

4. Write the first draft.

5. Write the second draft. Check for little grammatical errors and giant plot holes.

6. Read the story out loud to see if it makes sense and if the flow of conversations seem natural. You will risk getting strange stares from those around you, but this is okay.

7. Write the final draft.

8. Go to sleep. Or abandon the story for some hours.

9. Read the story again.

10. If you are at least 85% satisfied with the story, proceed to share it with your readers. No story is ever 100% done but…you have other things to do…like writing another story.

Ivie M. Eke 2020



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