My 10 Favourite Rap Songs.


Today on my Instagram page, I shared a few of my favourite Rap/Hip Hop songs(narrowing this list down wasn’t easy 😑).

My top 3 songs on the list are:

1. Forgot about Dre (Dr. Dre feat. Eminem).

2. Glitches (The Roots feat. Amel Larrieux).

3. Rap God (Eminem).

I listen to music all the time, and I’ve found that listening to certain Rap songs puts me in a calm state of mind and also inspires my creative process.

The main elements of these songs that I enjoy are

1. Great word play and lyricism.

2. Exaggerated arrogance.

3. Catchy melodies.

4. Timelessness; some of these songs are over 20 years old.

Ivie M. Eke 2020.

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