Love Ramblings: From A-Z.



Another love will appear soon, so
Be optimistic; let the Sun dwell in you. A

Cracked heart will occur sometimes, but know that
Despite the odds, all will be fine.

Errant lovers will never cease to exist, so run,
Flee far from them into the mist.

Ghosts of past loves tend to linger on, just
Hold on tight to the loving, present one.

I would steal a thousand moons,
Just so I could always be with you.

Kindness for me is an occassional fate, but true
Love is definitely the desired ultimate.

May your heart always be full, may you
Never lack what should come to you.

Only kiss who you truly desire, so your
Precious lips aren’t consumed by fire.

Quality love will leave you
Ravished, you deserve to seek
Succor in the arms of whom you cherish.

True love will leave you breathless, you will
Understand life’s hidden secrets, and even
Value your beloved more than yourself, you will
Wander around like you’re under a spell, until

‘X’ marks the spot, elevating the
Yearning to be caught where your constant
Zen is: in the arms of your true love.

Written by
Ivie M. Eke 2020.

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