If I loved you…

You would walk

On the moon,

Constantly float around

Whilst whistling obscure tunes.

Your smile would

Light up the world,

Like the Sun at Noon.

The despair

For which

You always seemed

To prepare


Would be lifted

From your chest,

The rest

Of your unrest

Would vanish

Like nail polish

Scrubbed off with varnish.


The love

That would

Envelope you,

You would forget

What all the others

Put you through.

You would see

Those past losses

As mere beacons

Of light,

Shining through the night,

Illuminating your hurried footsteps

To my doorstep.

If I loved you,

You would never

Feel lost,


You would know

Deep down,

That you were always home.

Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2020

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