Some book sales maths…


Mathematics, my favourite subject…okay, that’s not true 😂 But as a self-published Author, I find myself tapping out figures on my phone’s calculator whilst frowning and shaking my head at the results.


When you buy a self-published Author’s books on platforms like Amazon and Okada Books, do you know that the Author doesn’t earn the amount you paid for the books?


The Author earns about 30-70% of the actual sale price (sometimes it’s much less. I’m talking less than 10% of the sale price). This covers the use of those established platforms to make the books available to the public.
Now you know!

For self-published Authors, a book sale is never taken for granted. I’ve been known to smile and stare into space for (unhealthy) periods of time because people decided to buy one of my books 😏

Enjoy my books ‘Looking for myself and my phone charger’ ‘Walking on eggshells’ & ‘Dirt In The Dust’ on Okadabooks and Amazon.


Thank you.


Ivie 🤗

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