I Love Music: The ‘Get Lifted’ by John Legend Edition.


3 Reasons Why I Love This Album:

1. For a debut album, ‘Get Lifted’ was a bold ray of sunshine in the mid-2000s popular music scene. Here was John Legend, unique and unpretentious with his piano-playing skills and melodic vocal talent, simply telling stories with his music.

2. It is one of the last albums where I’ve listened to every single song and enjoyed almost all of them.

3. My younger brother had the ‘Get Lifted’ CD and I used to listen to it repeatedly on his Discman (wow).

My favourite songs from the album are:

-Used to love U.

-I can change (with Snoop Dogg).

-Stay with you.

-Ordinary people.

-Number one.

Refuge(When it’s cold outside).

It don’t have to change.

Are there any John Legend fans here? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.


Ivie M. Eke 2019.

*Photo: Wikipedia.

*Videos: Youtube.

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