I Love Music: The Ne-Yo Edition.



I’ve been in low spirits in the last few days-dealing with allergy issues and remembering my friend on the 3rd anniversary of her death-and I’ve found that music has helped a lot to improve my mood.

I recently listened to ‘So sick’, the first Ne-yo song that I knew of in the mid-2000s. It made me nostalgic for his earlier music: classic RnB music with silky-smooth vocals.

I’m one of those people who would go on about how there is a distinct lack of quality RnB music these days. I am however always happy to go back a few years and enjoy the calibre of music Ne-yo delivered years ago (especially in his first 2 albums).

My favourite Ne-yo songs:

-So sick.

Because of you.


-Miss Independent.


-Hate how much I love you (with Rihanna).

-Think like a man (with Jennifer Hudson).

-Sexy Love.

-Do You.

Are there any Ne-yo fans out there? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.


Ivie M. Eke 2019.

*Image: Google search.

*Videos: Youtube.

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