I Love Music: The Ne-Yo Edition.

Hey! I’ve been in low spirits in the last few days-dealing with allergy issues and remembering my friend on the 3rd anniversary of her death-and I’ve found that music has helped a lot to improve my mood. I recently listened to ‘So sick’, the first Ne-yo song that I knew of in the mid-2000s. It... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hidden Joy.

Worrying is fruitless. To win, You must lose it. When it finds you, Depart from it, It’s empty and useless. _____________________ Living is ruthless. Daytime stress And night sweat, Accomplishments And regrets, Assault all of our senses. _____________________ A disaster Or a fine mess, Life has many Hidden joys in it, Even when troubles Seem... Continue Reading →

I Love Books: ‘My Sister The Serial Killer’ by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

This book... This book is everything I had hoped it would be. Ayoola is a Serial killer, and Korede, her sister spends her time literally cleaning up after her. It is absurd. It is funny. It is intelligent. It is well-written. Readers will finish this book and be happy, wanting to read it again after... Continue Reading →

Poem: I Will Flourish.

The delicate dictates That my mind now makes, _____________________ Has led to a journey of self-love That feels guided by the stars above. _____________________ The sweet release From the mental chains of misery, The opening of doors Once closed within me, _____________________ The sunshine is now brighter, My internet connection seems faster, The day is... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series. High Heels and Low Expectations: The Lingering Frustrations of Being a Nigerian Woman.

There are times when being a Nigerian woman is an awesome experience. Step out onto a random street in any part of the country and you will see us in all our glory: well-dressed, in high heels or flats shoes, with carefully styled hair. With the right support system of family, friends and dedicated groups, a Nigerian woman can achieve greatness both... Continue Reading →

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