A Short Note About My #Repost Series.

Hello, unscheduled middle of the day post!

I hope you are all fine.

I just want to address an issue on my blog briefly.

When I share a post which has the ‘#Repost Series’ title, it just means that the posts first appeared on other platforms, but for different reasons, are no longer available on those platforms.

Since I am the author of the work and did not sign any exclusivity agreements, I am free to share the work as I see fit.

In one case, when I noticed my posts were no longer on one blog, there was a lot of back and forth correspondence before the blog informed me that my posts were all lost during a website upgrade. I was not happy, but I appreciated their candour.

In another case, the blog did not inform me that my posts were taken down, and did not respond to my enquiries when I reached out to them. I had written 13 posts for them.

So, I have been sharing these posts every few weeks on my blog. I just want to say this to any writer out there who writes for different platforms: always save what you write. Many larger platforms will make you feel like they are doing you a big favour by sharing your work, but remember: they also need content, and are often unwilling to let you know how valuable your work is to them.

I’m restraining myself from saying more 😊

Have a lovely day.


Ivie M. Eke

February 13th, 2019.

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