I Love Music: The ‘Soul Food’ Soundtrack Edition.



I think 1997 was one of my favourite years, music-wise. It was the era of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G, when Hip Hop and RnB felt much more mainstream than they are today.


I did not watch the movie, ‘Soul Food’ at the time it was released; I watched it much later as an adult, and I’m glad about this, because I just feel its different themes (family, loyalty, relationships, adultery, etc.) were better absorbed by me as an adult.


However, the movie soundtrack was very popular that year because it featured a fantastic line-up of Artistes, from Boyz 2 Men to Dru Hill, Xscape to Lil’ Kim. This album was a delight to any RnB and Hip Hop music lover at the time.


Out of the 12 songs on this movie soundtrack, it would be tough for me to pick my favourite. I would probably choose the romantic ‘I Care ‘Bout You’ by Milestone.


Or the edgy ‘What About Us’ by Total. (The production of this song feels so modern; Timbaland has always been ahead of his time).


Or the whimsical ‘A Song For Mama’ by Boyz 2 Men (See, I told you I couldn’t choose!).


If you have some internet data to spare, go on YouTube, search for the music videos for these songs and revel in the joy that is the ‘Soul Food’ soundtrack.




Thanks for reading.



***Video links are from YouTube, information about ‘Soul Food’ is from Wikepedia***

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