Poem: I Know Love.

I know how it feels

To be adored,

To be the object of

His desire,

The match to his fire.


I know how it feels

To be loved in full,

To be a loving afterthought,

And to be love’s fool.


I’ve known the ‘please, don’t leave’ kind of love,

And the

‘Thank God he’s gone’ kind of love.


I’ve known

The ‘I’ll do anything for you’ sweet love,


The ‘I didn’t know that you had a brain’ condescending love,


The ‘who do you think you are?’ sneering love,


The ‘you are asking for too much’ disappointing love,


The ‘get out, you terrifying feminist being’ chicken love.


I know you, Love.

I know you.


Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2019.

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