Short Story: The Chairman’s Wife (Part 2).

(Read part 1 here). The Chairman’s Wife: Part Two. ‘Hi’. ‘Hi’. He cleared his throat. ‘So…you’re my Boss’s wife? I guess I should call you Madam?’ Enahire sounded petulant to his own ears, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. He suddenly realized that he was sweating under his white Polo neck tshirt. Rolake smiled.... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Chairman’s Wife (Part 1).

The Chairman’s Wife: Part One. Enahire was not a man who was easily surprised. In his 35 years on earth, he had witnessed his father kicking his mother out of their family home, experienced racist abuse as a postgraduate student in London, and had been in a car accident which had almost cost him his... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: A Day In The Life Of A Nigerian With Trust Issues.

  It's Monday morning.   You wake up with a smug smile on your face. There is artificial darkness all around you as NEPA has kept the electricity to itself. This fact does not dampen your mood as you had already ironed clothes for the week two days ago.   You go to the bathroom and open... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Poems Underground.

  Throwback to December 2015 when I visited London and found this pamphlet with a collection of Irish Poetry on the tube. It's proper old-school poetry: I really don't understand a lot of the poems in it 🙄 but it really made me smile and I'm happy to hold on to it 😊   Ivie.

I Love Music: The ‘Soul Food’ Soundtrack Edition.

  I think 1997 was one of my favourite years, music-wise. It was the era of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G, when Hip Hop and RnB felt much more mainstream than they are today.   I did not watch the movie, ‘Soul Food’ at the time it was released; I watched it much later... Continue Reading →

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