I Love Music: The Akon Edition.



Akon is an American singer of Senegalese descent whose music was very popular in the mid-to-late 2000s. I believe that the very first song of his I heard was ‘Locked Up‘, and I was captivated by his unique vocals and musical style.


I haven’t heard much from him music-wise in recent years, but I still appreciate his ability to shape the sound of popular music just by being himself and staying true to his African roots.


If I were to choose, my favourite Akon song would either be ‘Ghetto‘ or ‘I Can’t Wait‘.


Here’s a list of other Akon songs that I enjoy:

Locked up.

Belly dancer.


The Sweetest Thing (with Wyclef Jean and Lil’ Wayne).

Don’t Matter.


Chop my money remix (with P Square and MayD).

Wine for me remix (with R. Kelly and Sean Paul).

I am not my hair (with India Arie).

I wanna love you (with Snoop Dogg).

Sorry (Blame it on me).

The sweet escape (with Gwen Stefani).

I can’t wait (with T-Pain).


Are there any Akon fans out there?

Thanks for reading!


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