Dear Nigerian Blogs, P is for Plagiarism.

As a Writer, I’m happy when people read my work, and even happier when they share my work with their own audience.

It’s amazing!

However…Nigerian blogs really need lessons on how to do certain things properly.

First of all, when you’re setting up your blog, one of the first things you should ask yourself is, ‘where will the content for my blog come from?’

My blog is a personal blog, and it’s made up of original writing which comes from deep inside my brain. I do refer to external sources, but I always include a link to those sources e.g YouTube videos and Wikipedia stories.

I see blogs who brand themselves as lifestyle blogs sharing posts that they did not write, and not stating where the information that they have shared comes from.

Two years ago, I had to make a formal complaint to WordPress when I found out that some blogs published my posts 1.Without my permission and 2. Without stating the source of the content. WordPress investigated and took down those posts.

I discovered this week that yet another blog copied and pasted a post which I written for another blog, without stating their source. They didn’t respond when I wrote to them about this; I’m still deciding if I should follow up on this issue.

I’ll say it again: before you set up a blog, you should know where the content of the blog will come from. Educate yourself on how to cite your sources of information if your blog content is not original to you. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be a criminal. Don’t plagiarize.

Do better.

Ivie M. Eke

November 2018

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