Poem: You + Me.

You and me Against the odds, Ignoring the rain That clouds our thoughts. _____________________ Our love has grown, And I feel like I’ve always known _____________________ That you would lift me Out of the mud That I once thought was love. _____________________ I am blessed And Grateful that In spite of my previous stress _____________________... Continue Reading →

Poem: What I Tell Myself.

I tell myself That I’m grown now, _____________________ So there’s no need To frown _____________________ When life tries To push me down. _____________________ I often wonder how The eternal idealists, The emotionally deficit, The humans with wings On their feet, Are able to exist, _____________________ When I struggle daily With biological countdowns, And feelings of... Continue Reading →

Poem: Loving you.

Is this a love For all ages, Or a love That ages Me? _____________________ A love that Wears my hair thin, And makes me wary Of saying The wrong thing. _____________________ Where I go, You follow, Guaranteeing me of A miserable tomorrow. _____________________ I want none of the roses In this garden, Where I always... Continue Reading →

Everyone Has Secrets…

Imade has several secrets which she is yet to share with Chibuzor. _____________________ Chibuzor has some secrets of his own, and he has avoided introducing Imade to his family until it was absolutely necessary to do so. _____________________ Half-truths, secrets and lies of omission have shrouded their courtship. _____________________ Imade and Chibuzor are engaged, and... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Akon Edition.

  Akon is an American singer of Senegalese descent whose music was very popular in the mid-to-late 2000s. I believe that the very first song of his I heard was 'Locked Up', and I was captivated by his unique vocals and musical style.   I haven't heard much from him music-wise in recent years, but... Continue Reading →

Poem: I Need You.

I need you, I need you not. _____________________ I need you Like the super-high heels That I don’t wear, _____________________ Like the coffee That I don’t drink, _____________________ Like the fantasy books That I don’t read. _____________________ I need your sweetness Like I crave Poisoned honey. _____________________ I need you. I need you so much.... Continue Reading →

Dear Nigerian Blogs, P is for Plagiarism.

As a Writer, I’m happy when people read my work, and even happier when they share my work with their own audience. It’s amazing! However...Nigerian blogs really need lessons on how to do certain things properly. First of all, when you’re setting up your blog, one of the first things you should ask yourself is,... Continue Reading →

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