Poem: Heartbreak City.

My phone rings.

But I run for the door.

I know it’s you calling.

But I can’t talk to you anymore.


I leave the house.

I forget my shoes.

I take my tears,

So I can sing the blues.


I wander around.

I lose my mind.

You said you sought for my heart,

But it wasn’t yours to find.


People stare at me.

Their eyes fill with pity.

My heart is shattered.

It’s sprinkled throughout the city.


Beautiful lies.

Venomous words.

I don’t need a knife in my heart:

I have your love.


I loved you.

I lost myself for you.

I am done with you.

Your love will no longer do.


Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2018.

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