Poem: Intro.

Like Jay-Z,

‘Allow me to reintroduce myself…’


My name is Ivie,

Not Ovie,


Or Vivian.


It sounds like


I’ve pronounced it

For people about

A million times.


I’ve got a quick mind,

Lovely eyes,

And sharp wit.

A pretty face,

A crown of hair,

And nice hips.


My intense looks

Scare some people off,


I’m not always

Thinking about

Anything serious.


I think about

My hopes and dreams for

The future,

Or if I want my next poem

To be silly or demure.


I also think

About why that love

Couldn’t accept

What I had to give,

But I dont dwell on that

For too long:


I’m not a detective.


I’m a moody princess

Who speaks my mind.

I’m a precious gem;

The type that’s hard to find.


You could spend decades

Trying to solve

The mystery of me,

But it might be easier for you

To just accept

What you see.


Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2018.

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