I Love Music: The Destiny’s Child Edition.

I was filled with nostalgia recently when I watched Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams perform as Destiny’s Child at the Coachella music festival. I smiled, I sang along, I danced to their music.

I’m actually still smiling.

I’ve enjoyed the music of Destiny’s Child since 1997 when I heard the Wyclef Jean-produced remix of their hit song, ‘No, No, No’. Listening to their music now, it’s very clear to me that the musical style and vocal delivery of the group were very heavily influenced by Beyoncé, but what also stands out to me is their vocal talent and harmony; their songs will remain classics to me for this reason.

I’ve listed a few of my favourite songs by the group below. My top 3 DC songs are Say my name, Jumpin’ Jumpin’ and No No No remix (I also love the catchy titles!).

I know the group has evolved from its original lineup and has experienced all sorts of drama, but as far as quality RnB music is concerned, Destiny’s Child can do no wrong to me. The group is legendary.

Destiny’s Child songs:

No No No (remix) featuring Wyclef Jean.

Bills Bills Bills.

Say my name.


Get on the bus.

Independent Women.




Nasty Girl.

Lose my breath.


Cater to you.


Thank you.

Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Brown eyes.

Are there any Destiny’s Child fans out there? Let me know!

**videos are from Youtube**

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