Poem: A Cruel Fantasy.

I was standing on my own, Just minding my business. But you blocked my path, You said I was the best thing Your eyes had witnessed. _____________________ You spoke quickly. Your speech matched the speed of Usain Bolt. And despite myself, You gave my heart an unexpected jolt. _____________________ In a moment of weakness, I... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Destiny’s Child Edition.

I was filled with nostalgia recently when I watched Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams perform as Destiny's Child at the Coachella music festival. I smiled, I sang along, I danced to their music. I'm actually still smiling. I've enjoyed the music of Destiny's Child since 1997 when I heard the Wyclef Jean-produced remix... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Special One.

He treats his loved ones Like a plate of corn: Useful only for nourishment, To be discarded when he’s done. _____________________ He treats Waiters Like flies Buzzing above a pond. _____________________ He disregards friends’ advice And contrary opinions. _____________________ He thinks the world is beneath him: He is King, And all human beings are his... Continue Reading →

Poem: I Fell For You.

I fell for you. I hit my head on the ground. My brain splattered, but my heart spun round and round. _____________________ 'Don't fall too hard', They told me. I nodded, _____________________ As I continued my descent Where I gave a hundred percent Of my wit, my time and everything decent That I had, because... Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Overcome Writing Challenges.

Hey everyone!   I shared 3 ways to overcome writing challenges with the good people at The Sparkle Writers Hub.   Please read, leave your comments and share after reading 👇   Thanks 🤗   Being a writer is a wonderful experience, but there are some challenges which I face on a daily basis. Here... Continue Reading →

3 Things I Keep In Mind When Writing Poetry.

3 Things I Keep In Mind When Writing Poetry. _____________________ 1. How did a situation make me feel? *Did it make me feel happy or sad? Elated or frustrated? The feelings need to be clearly articulated. *Can I describe those feelings in a unique manner? *Can I come up with my own figure of speech... Continue Reading →

Poem: I am okay.

‘I am okay’, is what I will always say. _____________________ Even as the sun shines bright, or as the moon remains grey, _____________________ Even as the tears fall slowly, and the smile remains fixed on my face. _____________________ Even when I try to hold your hand, but the wind blows you away. _____________________ I will... Continue Reading →

Poem: Darkness.

Darkness. You sneaky little thing. Slithering your way into my thoughts, Trying to ruin everything. _____________________ Like a politician lying to his constituents, You kill my hope, and take pleasure from my weakness. _____________________ They say that where there is light, darkness will linger. _____________________ But I will overcome you, And my light will blind... Continue Reading →

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