Poem: Bitter-Sweet Valentine. #ValentinesDay ❤️💔

Bitter-Sweet Valentine,

I know now that

You were never mine.


I hope you don’t choke

On your expensive wine,

I hope your beard

doesn’t catch fire,

I hope your chocolates don’t

Taste like lime.


I hope your lies

Will keep you warm,

As you hide from me

Like a little worm.

I hope a strong wind

Blows you back to where

You came from,

Which must be the depths of hell,

The devil’s kingdom.


I hope your love with her

Fades with time,

When she realizes

That loving you is a

Heinous crime.


I hope the door hits you

On your back this time,

As you scuttle away,

My Bitter-Sweet Valentine.


Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2018.

(Something for The ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ crowd 😊).

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