Starting a writing blog #5.

As an independent writer, social media has definitely been my best friend.


At any given moment, you will find people staring at their social media feeds on their mobile devices or computers, scrolling until they find something that catches their attention. Unless you have a very popular blog, people will rarely go to your blog directly unless you show them the way.


So, you definitely need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts that you keep up to date with your latest blog posts.


By the time you have written a substantial number of posts (my current post count on is 393), you can use apps like Hootsuite to schedule your posts to be shared on social media over and over again. I have found that re-sharing my posts and experimenting with different posting times and hashtags have helped me gain more readers for my blog.


For instance, the most popular story on my blog, ‘Kama Sutra’, is one which I wrote in 2016 and because I have shared it often, I get new views for it almost every month.


You can also re-share your posts based on the current situation, e.g., posts about love on Valentiene’s Day.


Well, this is my last tip for starting a writing blog! Of course, there is much more information about this on the internet; I just wanted to share what I have learned with anyone who might be interested in this topic.


Writing, for me, has been a source of freedom, and it is a journey which I do not regret starting.

Thanks for reading.


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