Starting A Writing Blog #2

When I decided to start my blog, I first looked at the blogs that I enjoyed reading to take note of what attracted me to them. Aside from the content itself, the blogs where easy to read and easy to navigate.


I use WordPress for my blog because it’s uncomplicated. I downloaded the app on my iPad and Samsung Phone, and I also use the desktop website. Simply searching ‘how to start a blog’ on the internet will bring up a lot of other options to choose from.


Some things to note:


Choose a blog name that will be easy for readers to remember.


In my opinion, if you do not intend to write on your blog regularly, I don’t feel you need to buy a domain name. WordPress and similar platforms offer free plans, and your blog name would be, for instance,, which is just fine. I got the domain name because my blog is my writing portfolio, and I wanted something simpler than the actual name, when directing people to my blog 🙃


Familiarize yourself with graphics apps to use for your blog post titles, etc. I currently use Easel and Canva for my graphics.


Please give credit to websites if you mention them or use content from them. It’s the responsible thing to do.


You are free to use whatever colours and fonts you like for your blog, but remember: it’s a writing blog. Clear fonts and simple colours will make your posts easy to read, and increase the likelihood that readers will return to your blog to read more of your posts.



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