I Love Music: The Busta Rhymes Edition.

(Photos: Wikipedia).

Every time I spot Busta Rhymes in a music video, I smile because I anticipate his goofiness mixed in with the expected tough-guy hip hop demeanor.

5 Reasons Why I am a Busta Rhymes fan:

  1. Hip Hop music is typically aggressive and ‘macho’ in nature, and this is often reflected in the genre’s music videos. Busta Ryhmes’ earlier videos where (and still) refreshingly very funny and entertaining, a break from the norm. I would always watch one of his videos as I anticipated his next one.
  1. Busta Ryhmes is a talented lyricist, and his delivery style is in a class of its own.
  1. For me, ‘Put Your Hands Up Where My Eyes Can See’ is one of his most entertaining videos, with the added bonus of it being an obvious tribute to the Eddie Murphy classic comedy, ‘Coming To America’.
  1. His music career has spanned decades and yet he still remains relevant in the music industry.
  1. He just seems like a pleasant guy, like a celebrity who I would actually want to meet in person.

A few of my favourite songs are:

Woo Hah-Got You All In Check.


Put Your Hands Up Where My Eyes Can See.

Party Is Going On Over Here.

Break Ya Neck.

Gimme Some More.

Pass The Courvoisier.

Baby If You Give It To Me (with Mariah Carey and the Flip Mode Squad).

Touch It(remix)

Make it Clap (remix)

Busta, What It is (With Kelis)

I Love My Chick (with Kelis and Will.I.Am).

What’s It Gonna Be (with Janet Jackson).

It’s a Party (with Zhane).

Are there any Busta Rhymes fans out there???!!!

Thanks for reading.


(PS My ‘I Love Music’ series gives me the opportunity to reminisce about my favourite musicians, usually from the 1990s).

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